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Tuesday, March 07, 2006

Social Bookmarklet for Content Owners

If you are a not a webmaster, web developer or IT related personnel, you might not know too much about PR (Page Ranking), SEO (Search Engine Optimization), SEM (Search Engine Marketing), Reciprocal Link Exchange etc. The higher your page's PR, the higher your page will be listed on top of search engine results; thus more hits and traffic and more CASH. The way Google or other big search engine used to calculate your PR includes too many factors. SEO is to make your page include as many as related keywords as possible; acquire as many external links as possible; create corresponding meta tags so your page has a higher PR. People so started exchanging links through some programs which promote reciprocal link exchange 1 on 1.

All calculating algorithm used by these big search engines are just some machine related results without too much human evaluations. More and more users are now using social bookmarking networks or sites to bookmark their favourite sites, tag and share with friends. Google will also start stepping into the hot area (news from Yahoo). So hurry up and make your page ready within all social search sites before Google crawl your page!

For end users or page readers, there are already tons of downloadable social toolbars from all social bookmarking sites or networks. One drawback is that user usually will stick to one or two bookmarking sites and there is not much flexibility if they want to communicate or share their favorite links with their friends from another network. There already exists free third party toolbar that could enable user to download and install locally for most of the social search networks. But this still does not benefit too much to content owners or page creaters. So here comes BoFanBar which could provide functionalities for page readers to bookmark your site at any of social networks with just one or few clicks.

This dramatically changed the marketing strategy the content or product provider usually applies. Traditionally, the vender would spend thousands of dollars in expending their market through all sorts of channels. The marketing now belongs to the readers: whichever page gets most votes from readers, who gets highest scores thus hits, clicks and credits.

Breaking news! You can now simply put your url in the textbox and generate a social toolbar or bookmarklet which would promote your sites and popularity within hundreds of social search sites not by you, but by your readers. This easy to use BoFanBar integrate your website url into it so whenever a user clicks any one of the social search engine, your url will automatically populate into the URL text field in the user's preferred social networks. They can then add title, description, or any other tags and save as their favorite bookmarks for future reference or share with others.

BoFanBar applies straight html codes and will be recognized by almost any browsers such as IE, FireFox. It is starts and ends with div tag and could be placed at header, footer, sidebar and any place you like.

One more nice thing is that it is completely FREE for now! So hurry up and get your version of BoFanBar.

Check back for updates regularly or your can subscribe to RSS feed to keep informed. Your referral would gurantee a next upgrade for FREE.

To create your own version of BoFanBar, copy your page url into "Enter your URL:" textbox and make sure only one "http://" in it. Click "Get BoFanBar Code!" button, the codes will appear on righthand side textarea. Hightlight them all by pressing "Ctrl + a", press "Ctrl + c" to copy them, then you could paste into your page by pressint "Ctrl + v". To put in on the footer area, the typical position would be right before the last 2 html tags for "body" and "html". Boon, your page is ready to go!